100% Maui Kaanapali Estate Yellow Caturra Coffee Bean 8oz 226g

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Size: 8OZ - 226g

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100% Maui Coffee

Blessed by the nutrient rich volcanic soil of the Island of Maui. This coffee has a clean, mild to medium body with hints of chocolate, tropical fruits and nutty aromas.


Brand: Coffee Gallery
GTIN: 850003963013
Origin: Hawaii
Varietals: Bourbon & Santos
Characteristics: Chocolate, Tripical Fruits & Nutty Aromas
Roast Level: Medium100% Kona Prime - Hawaiian Coffee Beans - Medium Roast 8oz - 226g
Grind Type: Whole Bean
Package weight: 8oz - 226.8 g
Package Dimension: 4.4 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches
Caffeine Content: Caffeinated



  • Grown exclusively on the Maui Kaanapali Estate in Maui, Hawaii.
  • Made from 100% Yellow Caturra coffee beans, a rare and highly prized variety of Arabica coffee.
  • Cultivated in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Maui, which is believed to enhance the coffee's flavor profile.
  • Medium roast level that brings out the coffee's subtle flavors without overwhelming them.
  • Delicate, yet complex flavor profile that includes notes of chocolate, tropical fruits, and nutty aromas.
  • Low acidity and smooth finish make it an ideal coffee for those with sensitive stomachs or who prefer a milder coffee.
  • Handpicked and carefully processed to ensure the highest quality beans.
  • Roasted in small batches to maintain the coffee's unique flavor profile.
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced coffee that supports the local Maui economy.
  • Suitable for a variety of brewing methods including drip coffee makers, French press, pour-over, and espresso.