Small Batches. Superb Aroma. Exceptional Taste. Total Perfection.

Established on the North Shore of Oahu and named one of Hawaii’s premier coffee roasters. Coffee Gallery Hawaii is committed to cultivating, roasting, and delivering exquisite coffee that will fuel your day, energize your mind, and bring health and happiness into your life. We believe as the premier gourmet coffee store in Hawaii, we have the unique opportunity to provide delicious warmth and comfort to our clients throughout the world. We believe that through our meticulous and expert roasting processes, knowledgeable team, and exceptional customer service, we are sure to deliver superior coffee beans, delectable granola, and premium accessories that simply outperform every other roastery in the market today.

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  • Coffee Gallery Hawaii is not your average coffee roaster and cafe, and these are not your average Hawaiian coffee blends.

    At Coffee Gallery Hawaii, we are committed to producing only the best coffee beans, drinks, and products befitting our cherished and highly discerning clientele. We roast and serve artisan coffee, indulgent homemade food, delicious and nourishing granola, and offer premium mugs and accessories in our shop.

  • Driven for Excellence. Dedicated to Perfecting Hawaiian Coffee.

    We believe that the art of roasting is a lifelong process that is never truly mastered – and as such,we have dedicated our lives to learning, exploring, and striving for perfection in every cup of coffee we brew. Our team of coffee connoisseurs are committed to craft each roast and each cup to provide the ultimate coffee experience, featuring the perfect aroma, exceptional flavor, and precise color.

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  • Serving a Global Community of Coffee Drinkers and Aficionados

    When it comes right down to it, we are coffee lovers just like you.We love coffee beansthat brew to perfection – whether in a drip coffee maker, French press, pour over, or an espresso machine. We craft each bean to deliver a cup of coffee so sublime that it stands alone – no need for additives or additional flavors, and with our global shipping options, we are proud to offer Coffee Gallery Hawaii coffee throughout the world.